Case Study 2019

A7. Campaign To Drive Sales

Categories Name : Marketing Strategy

Sub-Category : Campaign To Drive Sales

Entry Name (Brand - Campaign Name) : When Women Joined Hands To Break Social Shackles

Parent Company : Meesho

Agency : Meesho In Association With Affle

Metal : Gold


"The campaign was a huge success in driving sales and transactions through Meesho, and the results spoke of itself. The twin fold programmatic user acquisition ensured acquiring very relevant customers for Meesho which led to empowering the women through social commerce. Women came together as a community to break social shackles and each woman in the program grew very confident that they could run a business of their own while sitting at their house. RESULTS 1. Lead Gen - Users Onboarded:- More than 1.2 million entrepreneurs joined the social revolution on Meesho 2. Increase In Transactions:- 117% Rise in orders month on month, which means, our learning algorithms ensured increasing efficiency of acquiring users with time as the algorithms learned more with larger data inputs. 3. Increase In Quality of Users Acquired:- 7X increase in orders per install. While more users onboarded the program, orders per user increased by 7X during the campaign ( June compared to Jan ). As the campaign grew, Facebook joined the program as Meesho became the 1st company in India to be funded by Facebook for starting a social commerce revolution in India." Market Impact:- "The campaign helped revolutionize how women saw themselves. As more and more women joined the program through contextual advertising, with increasing time and transactions, they became more confident, broke social shackles and were able to meet their unmet dreams of powering a business of their own. The campaign allowed them to believe that they could run a business of their own without having to step out of the house thereby changing the social mindset of rural India as well. The Result:- #More Confident #More Aspirations #Beat Social Barriers