Case Study 2019

A5. Best use of Apps/Games for Marketing

Categories Name : Marketing Strategy

Sub-Category : Best use of Apps/Games for Marketing

Entry Name (Brand - Campaign Name) : Chug Chug in Chuk Chuk

Parent Company :

Agency : Mindshare India

Metal : Gold


Volumes impact  Pepsi enjoyed almost 65% share of all orders via Meal Menu  Supported the brand in H2 volumes– (typically a sluggish time for CSDs) Distribution impact  Pepsi increased its restaurant footprint on the Rail Yatri network by 186% in 6 months  Leveraged this to sample other PepsiCo products Media impact  Over 60Mln impressions served garnering a 70%+ SOV on the platform  Campaign reached out to about 10 mn unique users Campaign delivered a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the range of 287% • Pepsi was the first advertiser to leverage Rail Yatri by not only reaching out to consumers but also integrating its product into the platforms core services i.e Book Meals on Train • We were also able to create visibility for the brand in very favorable and contextual environment. In doing so not only did we generate huge consumer connect but also garner almost 3x revenues