Case Study 2019

A3. Launch of Product/Service

Categories Name : Marketing Strategy

Sub-Category : Launch of Product/Service

Entry Name (Brand - Campaign Name) : Overcoming #OrgasmInequality with Durex Mutual Climax

Parent Company : Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd

Agency : Publicis Media - Performics India

Metal : Gold


An overwhelming 6 million social engagements and 9 million video views were generated during the 2 weeks launch campaign targeting top 8 metros. 148 mn impressions were planned leading to 40k+ social media conversations and close to 0.7 mn article page views. Campaign Highlights: • 9 CAT A influencers were a part of the campaign during Phase 1 and phase 2 from different genres • Banter post between male and female-centric lifestyle platforms on Askmen and Hauterfly. • Advertorials on male and female specific platforms catering to different communications during each phase of the campaign • Pooja Bedi live Q&A session on Twitter • CAT B and CAT C conversations on IG and TW with meme creation and reposting of the CAT A influencer content • “Orgasm-O-Meter” gamification on social Organic media coverage on Social Samosa, Lokmat, IBT, Swaddle, Vice media