Case Study 2019

A1. Brand Recall

Categories Name : Marketing Strategy

Sub-Category : Brand Recall

Entry Name (Brand - Campaign Name) : Engagement in a media dark market: 81% Delivered!

Parent Company : Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Healthcare, India

Agency : Mindshare India

Metal : Gold


Horlicks wanted to gain competitive advantage by establishing advanced scientific concepts like “Bio-Available Nutrients” and “Nutrition Absorption in children” in Bihar, a key volume market but media-dark, where reaching intended audiences is a challenge. Mobile Voice was an obvious solution given 80% plus population used mobile-phones in Bihar (mostly non-internet enabled handsets), but this had limitations. It was a One-way communication and the space was fast becoming cluttered with too many brands. (we risked losing the gravity of our science-based communication). We decided to raise the ante from a monologue to a dialogue – using a new message delivery mechanism called “CONFERENCE BRIDGE “ which allowed taking thousands of callers on one mobile call, listening and conversing in the same call.” Using Ravi Kishan, a well-known Bhojpuri celebrity we created a scaled engagement program. Consumers had to “opt-in to talk to Horlicks” and be available at a pre-designated time for the conference-call. For this 40Lac people received a 1.5 min call about a call with Ravi Kishan and a chance to win a recharge gratification. Consumers who heard us for more than 30 secs in the initial call were again contacted via Out Bound Dialers. This was followed-up with reminder SMS’s for the appointment. The results were over whelming. 3000 women participated in the conference bridge. 81% of them recalled “Horlicks Contains Bio-available Nutrients That Get Absorbed Easily” and another 83% recalled “Nutrients Are Not Being Properly Absorbed in the body of Children”. (KANTAR IMRB)