Case Study 2019

C1. Innovation

Categories Name : Enabling Technologies

Sub-Category : Innovation

Entry Name (Brand - Campaign Name) : Saving Lives with Platelet Donation

Parent Company : Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Agency : Mindshare India

Metal : Gold


‘Platelet Donation Camp’ was our initiative to increase awareness about fact, and help critical patients receive platelets from an expanded pool of donors. This initiative entailed first spreading awareness on various facets of dengue, platelets, donation etc and then recruiting a community of donors across dengue red zones in India. In its first year of ideation, the focus was always on awareness of tg towards the danger of dengue & the virtues of platelet donation. We wanted this not be seen as a half-hearted effort and thus we took it upon ourselves to complete the entire cycle by building, maintaining and activating a platelet donor community as a responsibility towards the society and thus affirming our stance as the brand fighting against mosquito borne diseases. With new technology we were now able to identify dengue outbreaks in specific location. This combined with our acquired capability of maintaining and activating database of donors, we were now able to sharp cast our efforts. Through this campaign, 5 lives saved which was directly attributed to the campaign. This was the metric that mattered most! Built a first of its kind 100 K+ PDC in areas that required platelet transfusion the most. 5 MN + people reached across all TG