Case Study 2019

B4. Mobile Website

Categories Name : Channel/Media Strategy

Sub-Category : Mobile Website

Entry Name (Brand - Campaign Name) : Ask Nestlé

Parent Company : Nestlé

Agency : Digitas India

Metal : Gold


"Ask Nestle was picked up by various leading media publication and became the talk of the town. Within 90 days of launch, we had 1Mio+ Users & currently 2.6 Mio & counting. Currently, the web-service boasts of about 2.9 Mio Sessions till date & Approx. 7% are returning users. The users have an average of 1 Min+ of Session time which is a result of 6.7 Mio Page Views. 23K+ Meal Plans have been generated till date and increasing per minute. And more importantly, With the help of data, we now understand moms better than ever. And the better we understand them, the better Ask Nestle becomes every day. "